Thursday, January 31, 2013

One Month

I have finished one month eating a plant based diet.  It wasn't too hard.  I do spend a lot more time thinking about what I am eating. I read more labels - just what is that cereal or pasta made with?  Dining out is the toughest because I know I cannot pick from the entire menu. However, I have been able to find something every where I have gone. Things that I have to think about will become second nature later on. I have not noticed any difference in how feel either good or bad. I dropped 4 pounds over the course of the month.

For breakfast I made a Cornmeal Porridge sprinkled with cashews and drizzled with maple syrup.  This is a dish I have made many times over the years because it cooks faster than the steel cut oats.  I have some corn  meal that I picked up from the mill in North Carolina that is very flavorful. It has a more smooth texture that traditional grits.

Lunch consisted of last night's dinner leftovers. Tempeh Sloppy Joe on carrot buns and Pasta and Bean Salad.  Dinner was creamy Pumpkin, Carrot and Apple Soup with Braised Eggplant over brown rice. A carrot, apple, and some cherry tomatoes were cooked in stock until tender when the canned pumpkin was added.  Everything was pureed with an immersion blender and some oyster mushrooms were scattered on the top.  The eggplant was steamed then sauteed in a soy and sesame sauce with some green onions.

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