Sunday, January 13, 2013

Football Weekend

I started out the day  with a repeat of yesterdays Ginger Banana Smoothie.  For lunch I toasted some corn chips to go with a Mango Salsa. That was paired with a salad made from what is leftover in the fridge.  It had romaine, cauliflower, grape tomatoes, cucumber, almonds, blueberries, chickpeas and carrot.

Our afternoon plan was to watch the Baltimore - Denver game at the Lighthouse Tavern.  However, the crowd was just too much for us.  We spoke with the bartender the next day and she stated it was the biggest day in the history of the bar.  So we ended up watching the game at home. Of course, that also meant that we ended up drinking more, 2 bottles of wine to be exact. At half time I microwaved some of the leftover Chickpea Ratatouille.  After the game, I had a peanut butter and cherry preserves sandwich on whole wheat bread. Later that night I snacked on a Oatmeal Banana Bite.  Oh, and the Ravens won 38-35.

Sunday started out lite with a Oatmeal Banana Bite and some peanut butter.  For lunch we thought it was just warm enough to eat outside the dogs.  We ventured to Mama's on the Half Shell which has outdoor seating most of the year.  The menu was not the least bit vegan friendly.  The only option besides combing sides was on the kids' menu.  I had pasta with marinara sauce and a side salad. It was good, but I now know it is the only thing I can eat there.  That is a shame since it was one of our go to places for eating out with the dogs that was also in walking distance from home.

Dinner was more emptying out the fridge. I roasted a batch of Kale Chips and mixed the last of the Chickpea Ratatouille with the Couscous with Peas and Carrots. 

Today was the second time this week I have had a migraine.  I usually have one a month.  I hope the change in diet is not a cause.

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