Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Baking day

Today I am starting week 2 of the Kickstart Program. Technically it is the 15th day of the program, but I am behind because we have eaten out some and made use of the leftovers.  It does mean eating at home until the weekend and that means more nutrition and variety in my meals.  Since veganism is not vegetarianism, eating out is a little bit of a challenge.  It generally means asking for a dish without something.

Breakfast is the Apricot Oatmeal that I made yesterday.

For lunch I had a Smoked Tempeh, Alfalfa Sprout and Tomato Sandwich on whole wheat bread with carrots. I broiled the tempeh to give it the same texture as crispy bacon. The sandwich is similar to the powerhouse sandwiches at some restaurants.   It was a little bit of a cheat. Instead of buying a vegan mayonnaise, i used a jarred pesto sauce.  Pesto traditionally has some Parmesan cheese in it.  Later I will make some without the cheese.

Dinner was excellent.  A Cuban Black Bean Soup with Potatoes and a Spinach Salad made with some leftover orange fennel salad are the evening's fare. Tommy paired a very nice Pinot Noir with it.

We ended the meal with some bread.  I made a very large batch of Peasant Bread with herbs. The 2 loaves, 3 baguettes, and oval should last a month.  The extra is being frozen until needed.  The only thing I did different from previous breads was skip the eggwash on top, so the top is not as brown.  Otherwise, this is old school rustic bread.

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