Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Infamous Green Smoothie

Well, I knew sooner or later that a green smoothie would make its way into my menu.  That was breakfast this morning, but it was not really green.  A mix of almond milk, banana, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and kale left a purple color to the drink.  I was an immersion blender to mix it up and it left small bits of kale and blueberries in the drink. I think using a regular blender will lead to a more smooth texture.  On the taste front, it was good.  The fruit was the strongest taste and the kale would not have been noticeable if it had been blended smoothly.

Lunch was a Miso Soup with Shiitake Mushrooms and a salad of red leaf lettuce, pickled onions, marinated chickpeas (leftover from dinner several nights ago) and my  ginger vinaigrette.  The soup picture is blurry.  I am having problems with food in bowls.

Dinner was a date night. We went to Willow in Fells Point. www.willowbaltimore.com  .  It is a very nice lounge with couches and  coffee tables for a comfortable feel. We started the night with cocktails and fried plantains. For my main course, I had the vegan tofu tacos which were excellent. They are served over rice and black beans with salsa and guacamole on the side.  A definite thumbs up.


D.J. Free! said...

When I gave up coffee last year, I replaced it with a morning green smoothie. Obviously, the caffeine withdrawal was a bitch, and the green smoothies didn't quite keep me alert like caffeine. But after awhile, I started to notice that I had a lot more energy in the mornings...I think they're overall better for me.

I use a regular blender though, and whenever I use kale, it never quite blends it enough to make it perfectly smooth. And even at its smoothest, kale has such a strong flavor. I find that spinach is the best green to use. It always blends really smoothly, and the smoothie always has the taste of fruit (and not the bite of greens). I still use kale every once in awhile though - I've learned to actually like the taste and the weird, tiny chunks of kale in my smoothie :)

Brokenweed said...

I think if i used the regular blender, it would have been better. Then again, I have a really crappy blender. There is a crack in the base that holds the blade and I was all excited about getting a new one. Then I realized I could just buy a replacement part. That is the most prudent thing to do. Boo.