Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Vegan Kickstart

Today's breakfast was creating a vegan version of the traditional pancakes and bacon. I have to say that it really did not work.  The Chai Spiced Pancakes had a horrible texture.  I had to completely douse them in maple syrup to make them edible.  The Facon Bacon was tempeh cooked in a garlic soy sauce then broiled.  It was a tasty dish, but it was not bacon and would never pass for bacon.  I prefer to just make good dishes and not impersonate other.

Lunch was made of items that stood on there own.  I had a Orange Fennel Salad and Shiitake Mushroom Fajitas in whole wheat tortillas with my homemade salsa.  Very tasty.

Dinner was an Oven baked Chickpea Ratatouille over brown rice.  We had some red wine to accompany the meal. 

My percentages for the day were

Protein   53.2 g     15%
Carbs    261.4       72 %     39 g. fiber
Fat          22.1g      14%

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