Monday, January 21, 2013

Lots of dining out

We ate out Friday through Sunday for dinner.  That is a lot more often than normal for us. It also meant I was not making as many new meals.  Friday started with cereal, banana and almond milk for breakfast.  For lunch I had some leftover Penne al Forno.  For dinner we went to Fleet Street Kitchen for the first time.  The restaurant specializes in creating meals from local sources.  This was a great place for me.  One of the chefs is vegan and made a special dish for me.  Browned shiitakes and enoki mushrooms were served over a saute of kale, peppers, pine nuts and baby turnips.  For dessert I had the pomegranate sorbet.  We had a Chablis with dinner.  Afterwards, the sommelier gave us a tour of the wine cellar.

On Saturday I had a Mango Smoothie before Spin class.  There were no blueberries in the smoothie, so it was not purple.  It was made with mango, vanilla rice milk, lime juice, and a touch of maple syrup.

Lunch was a Creamy Tofu Palak 'Paneer'.  Tofu was marinated in a ginger lime sauce then added to palak and served with spinach.  I made some Herb Roti in the oven on the hot stone.

A friend had a birthday dinner at The Prime Rib that evening.  That was a bit of a challenge.  Every entree and appetizer are meat.  Thankfully, they have a lot of side dishes.  I made a veggie plate of grilled asparagus, baked sweet potato, and grilled artichokes.  I added a salad dressing of white balsamic vinaigrette for some flavor variety.  The waiter gave me a strange look when I said no butter or sauces on the veggies and didn't understand why I wanted the vinaigrette without the salad.  I split some Raspberry Sorbet with Tommy.

Sunday morning I made a Vanilla French Toast for breakfast with some fresh strawberries on the side.  The toast was cooked in a skillet with some spray cooking oil.  It never gained that crispy outside that you get when it is cooked in butter.  It was more of a soggy toast.  Lunch was leftover Pasta al Forno and Herb Roti

The Ravens were playing at night so we went to Shiso Tavern on the square.  They have a great menu for me.  I started with a Tofu Capresse Salad.  It was made of tomatoes, basil, and tofu replaced the traditional mozzarella..  The main course was a Vegetable Stir Fry with rice.  It was too large to finish.  Most importantly, The Ravens are going to the Super Bowl.

This morning, I reheated some leftover Apricot Oatmeal.  At lunch I had a Beet Orange Salad with a Ginger Honey Vinaigrette and piece of pita bread.

Dinner was Aloo Gobi or Cauliflower and Potato Curry with Brown Bismati Rice.  The rice was cooked with smoked cardamon pods, a cinnamon stick, and cloves.  Excellent dish that paired with the Herb Roti.

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