Sunday, January 27, 2013

More leftovers

Although I am clearing out the fridge before grocery shopping tomorrow, I did make a fresh breakfast. I did a variation of an Indian  dish called Sheera.  I used farina (cream of wheat), apples and raisins cooked in almond milk.  It makes a very thick  porridge and is very filling.

Lunch was all about the leftovers.  We finished yesterdays pasta and I had some beets with the sesame dressing for flavor.  Dinner was Collards with Almonds, Carrot Halwa, and Cauliflower and Potato Curry over brown rice.  All were repeats so I did not take a picture.  We had a very nice alborino to pair with the meal.

I am really happy about the way most foods are being used between grocery trips every 2 weeks.  I have not had to throw anything out because it went bad.  But I think I need to freeze a few leftovers in case I have one of those super busy days that will not allow for me to cook.  I don't have my old go to of a grilled cheese                                           sandwich anymore and I am trying to eliminate commercially prepared food.  I am even making my own veggie burgers next week to go with my homemade bread. I just do not want to get caught with a nothing to eat night.

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