Thursday, January 10, 2013


For the next few days I will mainly be eating the leftovers from the last week.  I started the day with the last of the Apple Oatmeal.  For lunch I had the Balsamic Zucchini Sandwich which was the last of the zucchini, bean and pepper spread, and corn rolls. Also I had a bowl of the Wild Rice Soup that I made before the Kickstart Program.

Dinner was leftover Moroccan Bean Stew with Sweet  Potatoes and Couscous.  That was finished up as well.  I snacked on an Oatmeal Banana Bite and some Facon Bacon.  I think I was a little hungry because of the low calorie count yesterday.

On of things I do for my dogs is make dog food. I buy meat that is on sale at Safeway and mix it with eggshells, and veggie pieces and vitamins.  It feels strange buying 3 family packs of chicken breasts (this week's special at $2.69 a pound.) when I am not eating meat. The eggshells were from the veggie omelet I made Tommy last night since he did not like my meal. I know there is vegan food for dogs, but I can't imagine given that to dogs.  They love their fresh meat, (I cook it because Jack will not eat raw.) and vegan dog food is heavy on brown rice.  Jack has always had an adverse reaction to rice.  So I will continue to chop up meat, throw it in the food processor  and bake it.

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