Monday, January 14, 2013

Grocery Day

Breakfast was an easy one. I made a fruit compote that was served over regular oatmeal.

The weather was a little bit warmer today (we were promised 60 degrees but that did not happen) so we had lunch at Panera outside with the dogs. I had the Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich minus the feta cheese with a side of potato chips.

Dinner was all leftovers, the Portabella Tacos for Tommy and the Couscous with peas and carrot for me.
Today was grocery day for the 2nd week on the Kickstart Program.  Most of the recipes are 4-6 servings, so we take 2 weeks to go through 1 week of food.  I also use this day  as prep for the coming week.  I made the sponge starter for some peasant bread that I will finished up tomorrow. Next up  was a Garlic Parsley Hummus.  Then I roasted some  red peppers and a bulb of garlic.  Finally, I made the Apricot Oatmeal for the week.  I am using the steel cut oats that take 40 minutes to cook.  It is much easier to prepared it ahead of time, then microwave it at breakfast.

One of the nice things about changing to a vegan diet is the cost of groceries.  Previously I spent about $250 every two weeks at Whole Foods when we are not in CSA season.  Now, I am spending about $210 for the same time period.  $80 is a nice monthly savings.

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