Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sometimes it is hard to think of titles

I made for infused olive oil for the future.  This one is a mix of chives, thyme and oregano.  I used a mix of olive oil and canola oil.  This mix will sit for 2 weeks before using it.  I also roasted a head of garlic for later used.  That left a wonderful smell in the house.  For some reason, it was impossible to photograph the garlic without the pic being blurry.  I took a dozen pictures and this was the best one.

For breakfast, I went a smoothie instead of juice today.  This one was a mix of unsweetened cranberry juice, lime juice, lemon curd, pecans, ground chia seeds, rice milk and frozen peaches.  A little tart, but very tasty and more filling than just juice.

Lunch was leftover stuff. I reheated the Potato Asparagus Soup and added some cooked parsnip to enhance the taste.  I added some raspberry juice to the Apple Slaw.
For dinner, we started with some Crispy Kale topped with salt and nutritional yeast.  I made some veggie burgers from textured vegetable protein, oatmeal and garbanzo bean flour. One of the nice things about homemade veggie burgers is that you can shape them to fit your bread.  In this case the bread was the last loaf of the whole wheat olive bread that I had froze. I caramelized some onions for the burger and added romaine and cucumber slices.  The bread was spread with BBQ sauce and tofu mayo.  The burger patties were a little bland, so I added some Braggs Amino Liquids for a fuller taste.

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