Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Addicted to Results 4/22

Workout - 45 minutes free weights and 15 minutes bike
Air yoga
1 hour walk
X-fit - my abs will be sore for at least 4 days.  Definitely looking forward to my muscles adapting to a few a moves.
Mango Jam

Breakfast - Mueslix with Mango Ginger Jam.  Whole Foods had cases of mangoes as a special so I decided to make a jam.  The ingredients are just mangoes, ginger and sugar.
Mueslix with Mango Jam

Lunch - Pinto bean tostada on fat free tortilla with mango salsa.  My choice or tortillas are white flour, fat free or whole wheat flour not fat free. I like the whole wheat ones better.  The fat free ones get hard around the edges when I microwave them.

Dinner - Yellow Split Pea Soup was 'Sausage'  and a piece of multigrain baguette.

Snack - Maple Granola. Still working through the leftovers for a few more days.
A case of mangoes

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