Sunday, April 21, 2013

Addicted to Results 4/20

Workout - 30 on treadmill running intervals

Breakfast - Smoothie made from fresh orange juice, banana, soy protein powder and chia seed
Hot Plate from Everlasting Life

Lunch - At the Kale A Rama Vegan Festival.  I had the hot plate from Everlasting Life which is a vegan soul food restaurant in Capital Heights.  The plate consisted of Mac and Cheese, Orange Chicken and Collard Greens. The Mac and Cheese was very good. The sauce was thicker than the one I made. It had been baked the way traditional macaroni and cheese was before the days of Kraft and its orange colored cheese sauce.  The Orange Chicken reminded me of something from a very cheap Chinese restaurant.  The seitan 'chicken' was chewy and stringy. I wonder if that is what the chicken is made from at some of those places?  The sauce was not very orange but it was sweet.  Way too much sweetner.  The collards were cooked with onions and tomatoes and were very good.
Mini cupcakes and an Almond Cookie

Snack - Almond Cookie and a taste of Chocolate Kale Ice Cream.  It was good. Tommy had a couple of mini cupcakes that were quite suitable for the non vegan.  Everything at the festival was vegan regardless of the name given the food.  We met four friends at the festival and settled in at New Deal Cafe. I had a glass of white wine and a hard cider.

Dinner - Chuckwagon Stew, roasted potatoes, and garlic collards with a Mango Salsa.  All of these were leftovers except for the Salsa.  I made a batch using mangoes, onion, garlic, and jalapeno.  All of the ingredients were sauteed before canning.
Mango Salsa

Snack - Banana Cake with Fudge Frosting.
Chilling with friends and wearing my Collard Greens necklace

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