Friday, April 26, 2013

Addicted to Results 4/25

Rosemary Oil

Workout - 1 hour walk
35 minutes weights, 25 minutes step
fit wall
air yoga

Breakfast - Whole wheat bread with cheesy sauce and corn salsa

Lunch - Gazpacho
Smoked tofu sauteed with sundried tomatoes and pesto with sunflower seeds
Smoked tofu saute

Dinner - Wild rice, sesame broccoli and 'sausage' patties

Snack - Chocolate bonbon

I finished the collard green oil on the tofu saute at lunch.  I opened the mixed herb oil to cook the faux sausage patties.  That means it is time to start a new bottle to infuse.  This is a simple one of just fresh rosemary that should be ready in 2 weeks.  We are slowly finishing up the various leftovers.  I am looking forward to creating some new dishes.

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