Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Addicted to Results 4/15

Air Yoga

Workout - Air Yoga
1 hour walk

It is hard to express how painful yoga and the long walk were.  I had planned on doing a Tabata workout followed by time on the bike, but there is no way I can do a squat or a lunge today.  That will have to be put off till another day.  I normally enjoy air yoga.  The silks are really useful for someone like me with poor balance.  But this one, I just  grunted through the whole thing.

Breakfast - Smoothie made with fresh strawberries, blueberry juice, cocoa, dried apple, and coconut milk.

Lunch - Leftover bulgar wheat and quinoa.  The nice thing about quinoa is that it is a complete protein, just like meat.  It has all the amino acids a vegan needs.
Bulgar Wheat

Dinner - Kidney beans and Vegetable Curry
Roasted Potatoes
Applesauce with walnuts.

Snack - Ginger Edamame

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