Friday, April 19, 2013

Addicted to Results 4/18

Granola fresh from the oven

Workout - 30 minutes weight training
30 minutes step and bike
1 hour walk
air yoga
Granola with banana

Breakfast - Maple Granola with a banana.  The granola was made from oatmeal, walnuts, currants, barley flour and sunflower seeds. A mix of apple juice concentrate, maple syrup, vanilla, and canola oil was poured over.  Then the mixture was baked.
Fresh orange juice

Orange juice and 2 'sausage' patties.  The juice was fresh squeezed.

Lunch - Yellow Split Pea Soup with 'Sausages' and a roll.  I sauteed some onion and carrots then added stock and the peas.  I let this cook for a couple of hours.  I used the immersion blender to make a creamy soup. I added 4 Tofuky sausages and lemon juice and heated those.  The Tofuky sausage are pretty good.  These were seasoned with sundried tomatoes and basil.  The recipe called for hot dogs, but I have never found a vegan hot dog that was edible.
Yellow split pea soup

Salad - Romaine, carrot, celery, corn salsa, and avocado dressing.

Dinner - Mac and 'Cheese'.  I made a sauce from rice flour, nutritional yeast, coconut milk, mustard, garlic and onion powders, olive oil, arrowroot and paprika.  This was cooked until it was thick and creamy.  The arrowroot would not be necessary if a wheat flour is used.  The sauce was served over brown rice pasta. Garlic Broccoli - this was a simple sautee of onion, garlic, broccoli, olive oil and capers.

Snack - Fudge Brownies - This version used whole wheat flour, silken tofu and maple syrup.

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