Monday, March 4, 2013

Regular Food

This day was a 'let's eat real food vegan style' day.  Pancakes, burgers and fries, pasta and marina sauce were the foods of the day.  For breakfast I made Walnut Pancakes with Maple Syrup. The batter was a mix of whole wheat and rice flours with arrowroot as a binder in place of the egg. These were really good pancakes and you would not know they were 'vegan'.  The taste and texture were the same as traditional pancakes.  Much butter than the earlier versions I tried.  I had a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice to go with the meal.

Lunch was a a Chipolte Black Bean with fires.  The burger was made with onions and black beans and whole wheat bread crumbs.  It used a lot more bread crumb filler than the burgers I have previously made.  As a result, it was much more bread like and the texture was more crumbly.  It would not hold together well enough for me to use the grill, I had to use a grill pan instead.The fries were roasted in the oven with salt, pepper and garlic powder for flavor.

Dinner was a Spelt Spaghetti with a Marinara Sauce.  The sauce was made with onions, tomatoes, parsley and the last log of my faux sausage made with textured vegetable protein.  

We had a salad of mixed greens, pepitas and raisins with the cranberry dressing I made from the vegan mayonnaise with cranberry juice.  The mayonnaise thickened up in the refrigerator and has the texture of Miracle Whip.

Dark chocolate is okay for vegans, so had this bar made with panko bread crumbs and sea salt for dessert.

A nice wine always makes the meal better.
Tommy definitely appreciated a day of regular food instead of the veggie mixes.

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