Thursday, March 28, 2013


I am learning more about the juicing process each day.  Many recipes call for cucumbers and I can see why. There is an amazing amount of juice in them.  I would have thought that the honeydew melons would be equal to cucumber in juice, but not so.  I like cucumbers when I eat them with salads or on sandwiches. However, the juice is not a pleasant taste.  I should have known I would not like it.  I don't like mixed drinks with cucumber juice or even the Hendricks Gin that tastes very cucumbery. This is not good since I have 3 more juice meals that will use cucumbers. If the strawberries had been sweeter, it would have tempered the bitter taste.  These out of season greenhouse strawberries do not have much of a taste at all.  This is what the finished juice looked liked
This one was not very filling either.  So far the pineapple, orange, grape one has been the most satisfying for hunger and taste.  For lunch, my mix was 2 cucumbers, 5 kale stalks, 2 bell peppers,  and 2 apples.  The apples helped to smooth out the taste of the cucumber.

I added some soda water to make a sprakling cooler.  I bought a soda stream over a year ago to make my soda water.  It definitely helps the environment by eliminating the use of lots of plastic bottles.  I am not a regular soda person, so I just use it for soda water.  I drink about a liter a day 3 days a week. 
The quantity of juice is very dependent on the fruits or veggies used. This one made a good bit. About half of the foam disipates after a few minutes.
I slowly sipped this while reading internet articles.The champagne glass was a nice touch. This  was probably the least filling of all the juices I have made.  I had to munch on a few pecans during the afternoon to keep the hunger away.
Dinner was a flour tortilla wrap spread with BBQ sauce and topped with romaine, seitan, and sauteed onions.  Seitan is a wheat protein that tastes like the 'chicken' in chicken nuggets or those fried chicken patties at fast food places. I had a side salad of romaine, orange bell pepper and carrots topped with my everyday vinaigrette. 
Nicely browned onions.

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