Thursday, March 21, 2013

Chocolate Cake

Vegetarian Journal

I did some internet searching and found some good vegan resources in the area.  First, there is a Vegetarian Journal that is published here in Baltimore.  On their website I found a couple of festivals that I hope to make it to in April.  The Kale A Rama  is in Greenbelt on 4/20 and is about everything kale.  The Vegfest is at the UMBC campus on 4/27.  Many of the local vegan spots will be peddling their wares.  I discovered a vegan bakery called Dirty Carrots that was in Fells Point.  However they closed in January.  How can they close before I hear about them?!  There are still several places I need to try, Liquid Earth, Land of Kush and Grind   House Juice Bar and Market. Spring needs to hurry up and make an appearance.

I did another smoothie for breakfast.  This one was a blend of almond milk, frozen blueberries and raspberries, cocoa, dates, and coconut.  For lunch I made of Hummus Plate.  I had a toasted pita, hummus, olives, carrot, cucumber and a avocado tomato salad.  My afternoon snack was some sweet potato fries.

At dinner, we finished the Chickpea Burgers on the sprouted wheat bread with dijon, spinach and sundried tomatoes.  The main item was my first vegan Chocolate Cake.  This was called a melting cake because the center was gooey chocolate.  This recipe was adapted from a Bon Appetite magazine.  The original recipe called for 4 eggs.  I used a mix of ground flaxseed, potato starch, canola oil and water.  I melted 8 oz of chocolate with 6 Tbs. of Earth Balance.  This was added to a mix of flour and sugar and baked in ramekins.
Fresh raspberry puree was under the cake and then topped with bananas.

This was crazy good.  You would not suspect this was vegan.

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