Thursday, March 14, 2013

I'm Back

Jack likes  to sleep on his back

Tuesday was grocery day and time do the prep for the coming 2 weeks.  The cost came in at $215.   So, I went a little over my $200 goal.  However, I bought sesame oil and frozen raspberries and it turns out I already had those.  I also splurged on the organic cane sugar instead the basic from Domino.  The most expensive items were Olive Oil at $14 and a herbal tea at $11. Also, I bought bread, sprouted 7 grains and a rice/millet, instead of making my own.  There are some pumpkin seed rolls in the freezer that I will be using with my veggie burger of the week.

I seem to make hummus every grocery period.  This one came from the Gourmet Every Day cookbook.  It was listed as a low fat version because it uses tofu instead of tahini and less olive oil.  It has toasted cumin seeds to give it a nice spice.  It works well for me because I get extra protein from my hummus.

I will be making Gazpacho later in the week and the recipe calls for roasted red peppers.  Here the peppers are fresh out of the oven and placed in a paper bag to steam. Once they cool down, the skins are easy to remove.

I made a Garbanzo Bean Burger for my veggie burger this cycle.  These burgers use the beans, brown rice, onions, oatmeal, soy sauce, and a little tofu mayonnaise.  They are ready for the grill pan.  They are not as solid as some recipes and will fall through the grates of the regular grill.  I also have a big batch of brown rice already cooked and ready to be microwaved at meal time.
I made a fresh batch of pesto since the last one is going fast.  This is a simple Parsley Pesto that does not have cheese or nuts.
I finished up the Roasted Garlic Olive Oil and have started using the Thyme Oil.  Infused oils need to sit at least 2 weeks to let the flavors develop. While I am using one oil, I try to have another one infusing.  This time I made one using Collard Greens and a mix of olive oil and canola oil.
I am a little behind on posting.  Hopefully, I will have Wednesday's foods online early tomorrow.

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