Friday, March 29, 2013

Bad Juice Day

Everything started out well today.  I had the above mix for breakfast.  Fridays is personal training day at Canton Club, so I had everything ready to go the night before. This juice was made from chard, kale, cucumber, celery, and lemon.   There was definitely enough other ingredients to cover the taste of the cucumber.  I drank this one in the car while driving Tommy to the train station for work.  
So for lunch I made a juice from 3 carrots, 2 large and 2 small beets, and celery.  These are all ingredients that I like.  The juice was very nice looking.
I was about 3/4 done with the glass when I noticed it was really rich.  I decided to add some soda water to finish it off.  Before I could make the water, I was in the bathroom divesting my body of this drink.  It was a very fast and strong reaction.  I start thinking that maybe I have had too many juice meals.  But people do juice for 90 days  with no solid meals and bad reactions.  Should I have solid food before my gym workout? I have done smoothies before workouts with no problems in the past.  After a little googling, I found that beet juice can be quite toxic.  It can paralyze the vocal chords and cause liver damage.  Really?  How did I not know this?  You know not to eat mushrooms in the woods because some can kill you.  I knew that rhubarb needed to be stripped because it can make you sick.  You  remove bay leaves from soups and stews for the sake of your stomach.  Why is this not public knowledge.  Apparently it is a quantity issue.  I read that you use one beet per 8 carrots then there should not be a  problem. In the future, I may try beets again, but it will be the minor addition to the juice. I ate a little bit of potato soup and a tortilla to help settle my stomach.  My vocal chords are still sore.

Dinner was very simple. I made an open face sandwich using 7 grain sprouted bread spread with dijon and topped with tofurkey and my last slice of rice cheese.  The deli slices are a mix of wheat protein and soy protein.  They taste good. The cheese still sucked. On the  side I made a slaw using cabbage, apple, chives, and coconut yogurt.  This was my first time tasting that type of yogurt.  It was good for the slaw, I am not sure how it will be as a breakfast item with fruit.  Coconut milk does not have a strong coconut taste, but the yogurt did.  After dinner, I noshed on some Annie's Honey Wheat Pretzels. Bunny pretzels for Easter!

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