Monday, March 25, 2013

My New Toy

In the box

So, I decided to get a juicer.  Maybe I am being a little trendy, but I have been doing a lot of smoothies at breakfast.  The kale and spinach in the blender to do not always breakdown the way I like it.  I am not intending to do a 'cleanse' or go on an all juice diet.  For the coming week I will juice for breakfast and lunch and have a regular  meal at dinner.  After that, the juices will either be for breakfast or snacks.I also plan to use the vegetable pulp in my stock mix. Since we do not use a coffee maker any more, I had the perfect space for it. The trend for the summer is supposed to be canning and preserving.  I am ready for that, I just need Spring and its fruits and vegetables to make an appearance.
On the counter
Today was grocery day. My cost definitely went down.  The food total was $178.70 for the vegan part.  However, Tommy is not going to do the juice thing.  So I bought him a $12.99 ham and some goat cheese for $9.30.  It is amazing how quickly the costs start to add up for the non-vegan items. I am not sure if this will last two weeks.  There will be a learning curve for figuring out how fruit or vegetable makes a liter of juice.
I did make a vegan mistake with the almond cheese (it looks like cheddar).  I am usually rushing through the grocery and made the assumption that cheese in the vegan section was vegan.  This brand uses casein which is a milk protein.  There is no lactose so it will not cause havoc with my digestive system. I knew some of the faux cheeses did this, but I did not read the label till I got home. I hope it at least tastes good.  The rice cheese that resembled American cheese slices was truly vegan and truly terrible.

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