Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Weekend

Started having juice meals again, this time with vegetables that will not make me sick. Breakfast was a safe and flavorful mix of 2 apples, fennel, and 3 carrots.  It was also one of those rare juices that was not green.
Lunch was a mix of spinach, watercress and 3 carrots. This was a major juice fail. The watercress has an unbelievably strong taste to it.  It is very bitter.  I tried cutting it with sparking water, but it did not help much.  I went through a liter of water and still had not finished the juice. I will not use watercress in a juice again.
Since the weather was nice on Saturday, we decided to take a walk into Fell's Point with the dogs.  We settled in at Bond Street Social  Which has a huge out door seating area.   One of the specialities of the bar are liquid nitrogen martinis.  Liquid Nitrogen is poured on top of the drink which becomes extremely cold and it 'smokes' as it evaporates.  I had the New Fashioned made with Grey Goose Cherry, muddled orange and cherry, bitters and lemonade. Great drink. The food menu is not very vegan friendly.  I had the curry chickpeas which are side and thought that maybe I could mash them into a hummus and spread on some bread.  When I asked if they had baguettes or pita the waitress said "no".  While I was eating the very spicy beans, I saw an order of mussels come out with long slices of toasted baguette.  So much for accommodating your customers.  I would have paid extra for the bread.

After we left, we walked back to Canton and hung out at our favorite water hole, Chesapeake Wine Company.  I had the tapenade and roasted pepper salad with baguette slices.  After the chickpeas, that was enough for my evening meal.  Tommy and I split a bottle of Rose as we sat outside until close to sunset and the temperatures dropped.

For my breakfast juice I made a pineapple, spinach and lime drink. This was much more pleasant tasting.  Today, I ate a brunch and returned to the juice for dinner.  I made a bottle of orange juice and a liter of soda water. We also had a Pouilly Fuisse wine. I made a simple cocktail mixing the three liquids which made a nice light juice cooler.  If only the weather had been nicer for sipping.
I did a Tofu Scramble for the meal that was made with asparagus, chives and nutritional yeast.  It really does look like scrambled eggs.  The turmeric gives it that look.
An Easter brunch is not complete without homemade biscuits.  These were made using Earth Balance and rice milk in place of butter and heavy cream.  They were very light and flaky.  I spread some leftover lemon curd on mine.
Dinner was back to the juice.  Tonight's was made from a head of romaine, kale, a lime, cilantro and 2 apples.  It is sort of weird making juice from lettuce.  However the taste was good, which is the most important thing.  I also found myself more full today by having the food meal during the middle of the day.

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