Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Addicted to Results 4/29

Breakfast was a Banana Apple Muffin with apple butter and an apple.  The muffin was made with apple butter and mashed banana.
Banana Apple Muffins

I had another the veggie burgers I made last week for lunch. I cut this one in half and made a open face sandwich on a black pepper roll.  One side has ranch dressing and spring mix.  The other has tomatillo salsa and slaw.  A little bit of ketchup went on both halves.

Veggie Burger
Dinner was leftover Shepard's Pie topped with sauteed onions and a mixed greens salad with ranch dressing.  I had a Banana Apple Muffin with Apple Butter for dessert.  It was such a icky rainy night, that a bottle of sparkling wine was in order.

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