Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Addicted to Results 4/28

Tea of the Day
Breakfast was a repeat. A sprouted spelt tortilla topped with a scrambled tofu and veggie mix.  I added some of the tomatilla avocado salsa on the top to make it a little different.

Lunch was leftover fettuccine alfredo and the slaw.

I was really hungry in the afternoon and knew that I would be at the gym from 6:00 to 8:00.  So I had a Cliff Bar for a snack.  I do not think that it was strictly vegan because the chocolate chips seemed to be milk chocolate, not dark chocolate.  The print was too small to accurately read the label.  I know that Cliff's Builders bars are vegan, but I am not sure about the other products.  I have an Optometrist visit on Monday, so I get can an accurate reading glasses number.
Dinner was awesome.  I made a vegan Macaroni and Cheese.  First, some onions, garlic, carrot and yellow pepper were sauteed in Earth Balance.  In the food processor, I processed cashews, salt, pepper, rice milk and Earth Balance.   Then I added the veggie mix and processed it into a sauce. I really looked like a cheese sauce. I poured it over cooked macaroni (corn based gluten free macaroni) and topped with bread crumbs.  This was baked in the oven.  Meanwhile I heated some frozen corn, plum tomatoes, jalapeno, and yellow pepper on the stove top.  These two recipes made dinner.  The Mac and Cheese did not taste like real cheese, but it was full of flavor.  I made it before I went to the gym.  When I came home, Tommy had eaten two servings of the Mac and Cheese. I call that a success.  I had a glass of sparkling wine to compliment the meal.

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