Monday, April 28, 2014

Addicted to Results 4/27

Breakfast was a sausage sandwich on some black pepper rolls that I made.  They were a basic yeast bread with a sponge and lots of pepper for flavor.  The condiments are ranch dressing and ketchup.
Black Pepper Roll
Lunch was a Black Bean tortilla.  I sauteed black beans, bell pepper, tomato and green onions.  The mix was on a spelt tortilla with some ranch dressing on top


I also had a simple mixed green salad with tomatilla avocado salsa. The salsa was more like a guacamole.  I processed onion, tomatillas, avocado
and jalapeno with some salt and pepper to season it.
tomatilla salsa

For dinner that night we went to Jack's Bistro with some friends.  I had the vegan risotto.  This dish had mushrooms, carrot, and celery in it.  I also had a mixed drink and a glass of tempernillo.  Jack's has some the best cocktails in Baltimore. I had a dead weather which was made with rye, cherry almond syrup and bitters.

Later at home we had a glass of sparkling wine.

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