Saturday, April 26, 2014

Addicted to Results 4/25

Breakfast was cereal, apple and vanilla yogurt with a little drizzle of maple syrup on top.  I use the So Delicious almond milk yogurt.  I used the Greek style which is really thick.

Lunch was a hot dog and salad. The salad was a type of slaw made with green and purple cabbage, carrot, and celery.  The dressing was vegan mayo and lemon juice which gave it a nice twang. I like the slaw, but I think adding an apple would make it much better.
For the hot dog, I used the Field Roast brand.  It has a list of all natural ingredients so it forgoes the chemical taste.  I wrapped a corn tortilla spread with ranch dress around the hot dog and squirted on some ketchup.
Dinner was a shepherd's pie and salad.  The salad was a simple spring mix with some avocado and the lemon vinaigrette.  The Shepherd's Pie was made in three parts.  First was a mushroom gravy.  The gravy started with a Earth Balance and flour roux.  I added veggie stock and rice milk for the liquid part.  After it was heated through, I added 3 portabella mushrooms, canned tomatoes, shallot, red bell peppers, parsley, thyme and garlic. I let this cook on low for 45 minutes.  The topping was mashed potatoes with Earth Balance, salt, pepper, and rice milk.  The base was saute onion, veggie crumbles and frozen peas and carrots.  The mushroom gravy was added to the base. Then the mixture was topped with the mashed potatoes.  The potatoes were a bit heavy and sunk into the base.

We had some sparkling wine with acorn squash bread before dinner and a Chianti with the meal.
Shepard's Pie

Green salad

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