Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Addicted to Results 4/15

Berry Bliss Smoothie

Breakfast was my version of Purple Haze, a Berry Bliss Smoothie.  This drink is made with a frozen banana, frozen blueberries, ground chia seeds, tahini, cacao nib and soy milk.  I did a mid morning gym workout with weights.  Today my triceps and legs feel it.

For lunch, I had one of my Black Bean Burgers on a Acorn Squash Roll. I browned some sweet onion while cooking the burger and also added vegan cheese, butter lettuce, cucumber slices, ketchup and sauerkraut.  Some of the barley salad is on the side.
After snacking on some almonds in the afternoon, I made a Spicy Sausage and Pepper Pasta for dinner.  The meat was a vegan version of Chorizo. It definitely had the spicy signature of chorizo. 
The sauce was made with onion, bell peppers, the chorizo, roasted tomatoes, red pepper flakes, kale salsa, cayenne spice mix, and red wine.
The sauce was served over whole wheat fusilli.  For an evening nightcap, we opened a bottle of Late Harvest Ice Wine.

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