Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Addicted to Results 4/22

Garlic Vinaigrette
With a fresh batch of groceries in the house, serious cooking will happen this week. Breakfast however, was pretty basic.  I added a chopped apple to Maple Pecan Cereal with rice milk.
Lunch was a Pasta Salad.  I used leftover pasta that I had frozen.  I added toasted pine nuts, yellow and red bell pepper, basil, nutritional yeast and the Garlic Vinaigrette.
Pasta Salad
For dinner I roasted potatoes, carrots and celery. I topped it with mock chorizo and some ranch dressing.
toasted pine nuts
The ranch dressing was made with tofu sour cream, vegan mayonnaise, garlic, onion and garlic powder, and black pepper.

Ranch Dressing

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