Sunday, April 13, 2014

Dinner and Play

We had plans for the evening, so my main cooking item of the day was for lunch - a Tofu Fra Diavolo.
Garlic Tomato Sauce
Earlier in the week I had some Garlic Tomato Sauce, Salerno Style.  Garlic was sautéed in olive oil, then I added peeled and seeded plum tomatoes cut in fillets.  Some salt, pepper, and basil were the seasonings.

The Fra Diavolo started with sautéed sundried tomatoes, garlic, pressed tofu, my cayenne spice mix and chili pepper cooked in the oil from the tomatoes.  I added the Garlic Tomato Sauce and one and a half cups of fresh basil and heated it through.  The final sauce was served over whole wheat spaghetti.
Tofu Fra Diavolo

For dinner, we ate at the Food Market in Hampden.  My main dish was called the #9 Vegetable Special.  This was a mix of chickpeas, green beans, mushrooms, roasted peppers, endame, and snap peas in a soy sauce served over a rice cake.

The restaurant has a lot of specialty cocktails including the Nico made with vodka, amaretto, champagne and strawberries.
We split an order of Hot Pretzels for dessert.  Not quite vegan because they were brushed with butter. I did stay away from the cheese sauce.

The play was at the Gallery 788 and called the All-American Genderfuck presented by the Glass Mind Theatre. The play was about the intertwined lives of an androgynous person, the promiscuous male and female, the masculine woman, the feminine man, the gay man, the lesbian, and the non labeled man and woman. We have been going to a lot of local plays lately and they are very well done.  Baltimore has a great small theater scene.   After the play we had a few glasses of wine at 13.5 Wine Bar.
Source for the Garlic Tomato Sauce

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