Sunday, April 27, 2014

Addicted to Results 4/26miner

Breakfast started out pretty basic - oatmeal with banana and a little bit of maple syrup.
For lunch I did a mix of two different leftovers - the fettuccine alfredo and the  garlic harticot verts.
For dinner, we went out with friends to Aida Bistro in Columbia.  They have wine on tap and serve it in 3 and 5 oz glasses.  I started with a pomegrante martini and we given french baquette slices and olive oil.  For my first course I had a beet salad.  This was shaved beets and arugula.  It also have goat cheese that was not listed on the menu so I had to pick the cheese out of the salad.  My first glass of wine was a gewurtaminer.
I forgot to take a pic of the salad.  The next course was a duo of spreads.  One was the black truffle hummus and the other was a dill cheese spread.  I gave the cheese spread to the table.  I was I had thought to ask for 2 hummus servings instead.  The hummus was nice, but not as rich as I was used to.  Also, I could not  taste the black truffle.
Hummus an crackers
The main course was a quinoa and black bean casserole with corn and a tomato sauce.  Tommy ordered a bottle of Argyle sparkling for the table.
There was nothing on the dessert menu I could eat. I decided to go with a chocolate martini.  It was good, but the chocolate sauce appeared to be a chocolate cream sauce instead.  It was good and looks really  nice in the picture.
Chocolate Martini

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