Monday, April 14, 2014

Privateer Day

This was a beautiful day in Baltimore.  That meant walking down to Fells Point for Brunch and Privateer Day.  This day celebrates the small private ship owners who took up the cause of the US and attacked and boarded British ships during the War of 1812.  Some played the role of pirate and seized the goods of the boarded ships.  So there were a lot of folks walking around in pirate garb.  We started our day at Red Star for brunch. I had a spicy black bean burger with garlic fries.  Spicy and garlic are the key words here. 
Once home, I made a large batch of barley for future recipes.
The first of those would be a Barley Soup for supper.  I sautéed a mix of garlic, carrot, celery and mushrooms in olive oil.  Next, I added some white wine to soften and flavor the veggies.
To make it soup, I added my veggie stock, Beyond Meat 'Chicken', cayenne spice mix, pepper and green onions.   A toasted Acorn Squash Roll was toasted and we poured a little bubbly to complete the meal.
Barley Soup
After dinner we took a little walk to O'Donnell Square.  The plan was for some sorbet at Vaccaro's.  However they were packed and we did really want to wait.  Tommy got a pastry and the crepe shop and we were about to head home.  I wondered if Cup Love had a non dairy frozen yogurt, so we checked it out.  They did have a soft serve strawberry sorbet which I will try one day. But even better was a vegan Ginger Cupcake with pumpkin granache and banana frosting.  Great way to end the day.
Partially eaten cupcake.


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