Friday, May 31, 2013

Addicted to Results 5/27 - 5/31

Workout - 1 hour Personal training
30 minutes weights
30 minutes intervals
1 hour walk

Breakfast - Smoothie made with peaches, rice/quinoa milk, chia seeds, lemon juice, soy protein powder

Lunch - Spinach Salad

Snack - olives

Dinner - BBQ tofu with green onions
Corn on the cob
Grilled asparagus with tahini sauce

Workout - 30 minutes interval circuit
30 minute treadmill run
45  minutes weights, 15 minutes bike

Breakfast - Applesauce, prunes and sunflower seeds

Lunch  - Black beans and yellow rice and roasted tomato salsa

Snack - mixed nuts
Vega pre workout shake - acai berry flavor taste was not good

Dinner - Lasagne

Workout - 30 minutes interval circuit, 30 minute incline treadmill

Breakfast - Peanut butter and mango jam on Italian Bread

Lunch - Black Beans and yellow rice with roasted tomato salsa

Dinner - Chili
Salad - greens, sunflower seeds, olives, pickles beets, and pesto dressing
1/2 bottle wine

Snack - bread
dried apricots

Workout - Air yoga
30 minutes interval circuit, 30 minutes bike

Breakfast - Apple Oatmeal with almonds - Steel cut oats mixed with apple pulp from the  juicer, topped with almonds and a apple syrup made from apple juice and maple syrup.

Lunch - Sweet potato and chili

Dinner - Rice Casserole -brown  rice,  onions, TVP, celery, diced tomatoes, bell pepper and tomato paste baked and topped with a vegan cheddar.  The daiya cheddar is much better cooked than raw.

Snack - Apple and peanut butter

Workout - 1 hour Personal training
1 hour walk
kettle bells

Breakfast - Smoothie - banana, strawberries, hazelnut milk, and soy protein powder.  I tried the hazelnut milk for the first time.  It has a nice taste and is a little more tasty than almond milk.

Snack - post workout Vega shake apple berry flavor.  This one did not taste any better.

Lunch - sweet potato and chili

Snack - apple and peanut butter

Dinner - Jack's Bistro
Carrot soup made with coconut milk
Oyster mushrooms and asparagus saute
glass wine
pita bread

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