Friday, June 7, 2013

Addicted to Results June 1 - June 6

Prosecco and grapefruit vodka cocktail at Chazz

Workout - Weekend Warrior Workout
Thai Yoga and Massage

Breakfast - The weather is nice so it is time for meals outside with dogs.  THB bagels - Whole Wheat Everything Bagel with Peanut Butter

Lunch - Sweet Potato and Chili
Champagne at CWC

Snack - Mixed Nuts
Noodle Casserole fresh from the oven

Dinner - Noodle Casserole-  The noodles were a rice and corn flour mix.  The sauce was cannelloni beans, tomatoes and tomato paste, bell pepper, onion, and adobe chili sauce.  This was added to the noodles and baked with a topping of vegan cheese
Split a bottle of wine
Best vegan cheese by far

Workout - Kettlebells
Air Yoga

Breakfast - Apple Oatmeal with almonds

Lunch - Black beans and Rice

Dinner - Rice Casserole

Snack - Popcorn
Mixed Nuts

Workout -  1 hour bike
Air Yoga

Breakfast - Apple Oatmeal with almonds

Lunch-  Chili and Rice

Snack - dried apricots

Dinner - Noodle casserole

Snack - granola - Fresh batch.  I added coconut, sesame seeds and sunflower seeds to this batch.  The fruit was prunes and fresh grapefruit juice was in the binders.
grapefruit juice

Workout - 1 hour walk
XPF Cardio

Breakfast - Outside with the dogs at Panera
Oatmeal with strawberries, pecans and brown sugar

Lunch - Mama's on the Half Shell
Raw vegetable sandwich on whole wheat
Fries and ketchup

Dinner - Panzanella Salad - Italian bread croutons, cherry tomatoes, and basil over Romaine from the farm stand.  Dressing made from red wine vinegar, safflower oil, water, pepper and lots of garlic.
Panzanella salad

Snack - Slice of Italian bread with peanut butter and mango ginger jam
Fresh green stuff from the farm stand at Future Care

Workout - 1 hour walk
1 hour bike

Breakfast - THB - whole wheat everything bagel with peanut butter

Snack - Granola

Lunch - Noodle Casserole

Dinner at Chazz outside with the dogs .Chazz is not a good choice for vegans.  Everything has cheese on it. My sandwich normally comes with smoked Gouda.  Without it, I basically had a pepper and onion sandwich.
Roasted vegetable panini
Dill pickle
Bread and olive oil
1/2 bottle of wine

Workout - 35 minutes weights, 25 minutes bike
1 hour walk
air yoga

Breakfast - Granola and brown rice crisps, banana, hazelnut milk

Snack - Vega chocolate post workout recovery shake.  This one was better than the fruit ones.  It tasted like a cold hot chocolate.  I wonder how it would taste with hot water?

Lunch - Panzanella Salad

Dinner - Noodle Casserole

Snack - Apple with peanut butter

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