Friday, May 17, 2013

Addicted to Results 5/16

Workout - 45 minutes weights, 15 minutes interval runs
1 hour walk
air yoga
Mango smoothie

Breakfast - Smoothie made from frozen mango, rice milk, banana, chia seed, sugar and almond milk yogurt. This was the  first time I tried the almond milk yogurt.  The consistency is a little thin, but it works for a smoothie.  It does have all the good gut bacteria that you want from yogurt.
Asparagus on the grill

Lunch - Sandwich - 6 asparagus spears, 5 slice of tofurky deli style, tofu mayo, basil and pesto dressing on a  tomato basil roll.

Crispy Rice Bar made from brown rice cereal, almonds and currants. The sticky stuff was made with brown rice syrup, almond butter and vanilla. This is a good alternative to the Rice Krispy Squares with more fiber and less fat.

Snack - granola
Vegetable soup

Dinner - Vegetable Soup of veggie broth, spinach, onion, carrot and nutritional yeast with an Olive Roll.
The bread with made with a whole wheat sourdough starter, white flour and 2 types of olives.
Olive Bread

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