Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Vegan Vs.Total Vegetarian

I was googling around some vegan blogs and websites last night and found some interesting reading material. Apparently there is a huge conflict between the healthy vegans and the ethical vegans.  Ethical vegans don't wear leather, wool, or silk.  They don't eat honey, take medication with gelatin capsules, use down comforters, or use any product that had animal testing.  They seem to have a lot of contempt for the health vegans who are focusing on the lifestyle  for the medical benefits. Of course there is some overlap, but generally not from those that scream the loudest.  The ethical vegans call the other group total vegetarians because they are not ensconced in a pure vegan lifestyle.  They also do not approve of ethically raised meat, it is all animal murder. The health vegans complain about the others lack of a healthy diet because they subsist on processed foods and tend not care about environmental issues like GMO corn and soybeans and the manufacturing processes of the alternative clothing products.  There are competing web pages to see who can complain the most about the other group.  A lot of hyperbole is thrown around.  As you have probably notice from earlier posts, I fall under the healthy vegan category.

Today, I made a few more staple items. The picture on top is the straining of the veggie stock. This one had the stems from collard greens, parsley, and basil,  tops of zucchini, bell pepper and eggplant, and the end piece of purple cabbage.  It made a very purple stock.  I also made a  vegan mayonnaise.  It tasted very close to the real thing.  The  consistency was not as heavy, but that will work out just fine. I intend to make some creamy salad dressings with it.  I wanted to make some olive bread, but have been fighting a migraine all day.
For breakfast I made a smoothing from almond milk, kale, an orange, and a frozen banana.  This was the first time I have frozen a banana.  I am guessing that I should have peeled it before freezing because peeling a  frozen one is not easy.
For lunch I shredded a carrot and a zucchini  and added some green onions, garlic and chickpeas.  This mixture was microwaved for 5 minutes then added to white rice that was cooked in veggie stock.
During the afternoon, I snacked on some the Oatmeal Orange Coffecake and an apple.  Dinner was simple.  I sliced some cucumber to go with the hummus I made on Monday.  A fruit salad was made with grapes, blueberries, and currants with a poppy seed dressing. Finally, I grilled a zucchini and dressed it with a little roasted garlic olive oil.

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