Monday, February 25, 2013

Stocking up

Today was grocery day,which came none too soon.  We were a little short on food which is why we were eating out more than usual. This week's cost was back up to 249.68.  That is the same as when I was buying  meat and dairy.  I still needed some pantry items like flour, canola oil. plum vinegar, Earth Balance, and amino acids.  The most expensive item was almond butter.  A small plastic container was 11.39.  These food items should last for the 2 weeks. I had to raid the freezer for dinner tonight.  I made a Black Beans and Rice dish using the leftover rice with some corn and black beans that I found in the freezer.  I added some shallots, garlic and red wine for flavoring.
During the day it was cooking prep for the week.   First up was a small loaf of whole wheat bread.
Then I made a big batch of hummus.
Next were some Ginger Scones.  I had a little bit of a cheat going on.  I still had 4 and a half sticks of butter leftover from the end of the year.  So I used them in the scones. Instead of cream, I used a mix of silken tofu and almond milk.  I had one  when they came out of the oven.  Awesome.
For my last prep dish, I made some Chipolte Black Bean Burgers that are ready to go on the grill. These are made with onion, black beans, oatmeal, parsley, bread crumbs, garlic, BBQ sauce and salt and pepper.
I have some Pumpkin Seed Bran Rolls that are currently rising.  I will show those tomorrow.

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