Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ra Sushi

We had lunch today Ra Sushi in Harbor East. I was hoping a Japanese inspired restaurant would have several vegan options.  They really did not have  that many.  Several vegetable appetizers are cooked in garlic butter.  I am thinking that is not very authentic. I started with a Strawberry Sakitini.  Sake is used in place of the vodka.  I am not a big sake fan, but I thought the strawberry might over power the sake taste, it didn't.  If you like sake, this might work for you.
For the an appetizer, I had the Miso Soup.  It tasted like it was made with a chicken broth.  That is okay for me, because miso has a lot of good health qualities.  The soup was very tasty once I got to eat it. The bowl was not very stable and my first bowl was dumped on the table and floor before I had any.  Tommy had a shrimp appetizer that was in an unstable dish that kept tipping over.  Function should outweigh aesthetics at a restaurant.
I had some grilled vegetables next.  They were are mix of sweet potatoes, asparagus, onions, bell peppers and Japanese eggplant. I had eaten most of the dish before I remembered to take the picture.
I finished off with the Tempura Vegetable Sushi.  This was very nice with a mix of sweet potato, asparagus and eggplant for the filing.

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