Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Super Bowl

The last few days have been busy and exciting.  I have not written everything that I have eaten down. But there are some highlights to show. I started Super Bowl Sunday off in purple style - A blueberry smoothie and a purple poppy seed bagel from THB in Canton.

We  snacked on leftovers for lunch while I was cooking for the big game.  I made some Watermelon Salsa with Chili Lime tortilla chips for snacking.  We have really developed a taste for the homemade roasted chips. The big dish was Grilled Ratatouille with angel hair pasta.  I sampled several pasta salads at the party.The only mistake I made was one with a pesto dressing. Pesto traditionally has Parmesan cheese.  There were plenty of chips, nuts and sparkling wine to go around.

Monday and Tuesday were leftover days with oatmeal and fruit at breakfast and pasta dishes for lunch and dinner.Tuesday was the Super Bowl victory celebration and I walked to the stadium.  Lunch was at 3:00 and   very light. Tuesday night we went out to Cinghiale for dinner. Cinghiale is Italian for wild boar and the restaurant     has a heavy meat and pasta emphasis. All of the regular pastas are made with eggs.e They have a gluten free vegan spaghetti that I ordered and they made a mushroom marinara to go with it. I ordered the beet salad off    the menu. I thought the Parsnip and Cannellini Soup would be safe, but it was made with chicken stock.  For dessert I had a Strawberry Red Wine Sorbet.

Today at breakfast I had some left over farina topped with fresh blueberries.  Lunch was the last of the Vegetable Lo Mein.  At dinner  I made Black Bean Burgers served on the carrot rolls with carrots, lettuce and cucumber toppings. The burgers were made from black beans, onion, cilantro, roasted garlic, and bread crumbs.  On the side was a Cran-Apple Quinoa.

Hopefully tomorrow I will get back into a more regular schedule of eating.

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