Saturday, February 2, 2013


We started the day with a birthday brunch for a friend and Teavolve.  You know you go a place a lot when the hosts asks 'how are the kids' and you know he is talking about the dogs.  When the weather permits they have outdoor seating and we will bring the dogs with us for brunch.  Today we were inside.  We got there early and sat down for some coffee and tea.  Assam is my favorite black tea.  I don't drink caffeine very often and when I do it is in small quantities.  But I had a headache this morning and opted for the blood vessel shrinking quality of caffeine.  It did make the headache go away, but I had the most intense caffeine buzz ever.  Teavolve makes the best red sangria in Baltimore.  That helped push the buzz down.  We started out sharing a hummus plate that included olives, roasted peppers and pita.  For the main course I had a White Bean Soup and a Vegetable Pannini.

Dinner had an Asian flair. We started with a Mixed Green Salad with a Miso Dressing.  The salad included greens, red cabbage, carrot and cucumber. I also made a Vegetable Lo Mein.  The udon noodles were topped with marinated tofu and the vegetable stir fry of broccoli, snow peas, celery, red pepper, ginger and garlic.  The sauce was made with hoisin sauce, soy sauce, vegetable broth, chili puree, arrowroot, sea salt, and pepper.

Tomorrow is the Super Bowl!!!


Thomas Gill said...
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Thomas Gill said...

Wonderful time yesterday with special people. Also, your noodle dish last evening was terrific!

You're doing an exceptional job of making this a success. Thanks for working with me as well! :)