Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ouzo Bay

We stopped by Ouzo Bay for a happy hour dinner on Friday.  The restaurant is in Harbor East and serves Greek fare. They have a large deck area for outdoor seating when the weather permits.  Unfortunately, dogs will not be allowed in the outdoor seating area so we will not be making any stops there in pleasant weather. That is too bad, because the food is very good.  We started with a Greek sparkling wine which we did not know existed and items from the happy hour menu.  I had the Zucchini and Eggplant Chips and we split as assortment of spreads.

The first one is the Tzatziki which we did not eat because of the yogurt for me and the cucumber for Tommy.  The second one is a ground almond sauce, the red one is roasted red peppers and feta, and the last one is made from fish.  I had the almond and red pepper sauces.  I forgot about the feta until after I had eaten some. They were excellent spread on the chips. Tommy has the Grilled Octopus  that he proclaimed was the best ever.

Friday was National Margarita Day, so I had one!  It was good and in the traditional style without that syrupy sweetness. To finish off, Tommy had the Lamb Sliders and I ordered two sides from the dinner menu - Lemon Herb Potatoes and Green Beans in a Tomato Sauce.  I loved the contrast of the tart lemon with the soft potato.
On Thursday night, I broiled some of my faux sausage with a tofu sauce and paired with white rice with cilantro and peas.  The sauce was silken tofu with garam marsala, cayenne, olive oil, honey, salt and pepper.

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