Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Day 280 Spinach and Cheese Crostini

Spinach and Cheese Crostini

1 Baguette, sliced
2 Tablespoons Earth Balance
1/2 Cup Onion, chopped
1 Clove Garlic, chopped
1 9 Ounces Package Frozen Spinach, thawed and squeezed dry
1 8 Ounces Package Vegan Cream Cheese
1 Red Bell Pepper, roasted, peeled and chopped
1/2 Cup Cheddar Style Vegan Cheese, shredded

1.  Place baguette slices on a baking sheet. Baked at 375 F till toasted.  Set aside.

2.  Melt Earth Balance in skillet over medium heat.  Add onion and garlic.  Cook until softened.  Add spinach.  Cook and stir till warm.  Cool.
Spinach and cheese
3.  Place cream cheese in a food processor bowl.  Pulse a few times.  Add the spinach mixture and roasted pepper.  Process until well combined.  Add the cheese and pulse a few times.  Serve with the crostini.

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