Saturday, November 30, 2013

Philly Day 3

Tofu Scramble
I found the photo of the tofu scramble I had for breakfast on Thanksgiving.  It is still steaming in the pan. That was a good meal, but a little heavy.  It is like eating a large omelet stuffed with veggies.  Today I went light and had some toast with persimmon cranberry sauce and pita chips with edamame dip.  I sipped on some Yerba Mate tea. Appropriately for the season, this tea is made from a type of holly.

At lunch I made a Celery Jicama saute.  Garlic, lemon zest and juice, parsley  and salt were added to the veggies to give them a nice twang. This pared well with leftover porcini stuffing and mushroom gravy.
Celery and Jicama

For dinner we went to the Electric Factory see Frank Turner in concert. The venue is only 3 blocks from the lofts we are staying at so we could walk. there.  They had a veggie burger on the menu and seasonal Woodchuck Cider on draft.  Before we left, I made a Sweet Potato Brulee to snack on when we got back.  This dish is typically made with 7 egg yolks.  I used silken tofu, flaxseed, cornstarch, and baking powder as a substitution. The tofu mixture was combined with baked sweet potatoes, brown sugar, lemon juice, nutmeg and milk and baked for an hour.  After it had cooled off, the top was coated with turbinado sugar. I used a small blowtorch to crystallized the sugar and leave a crunchy topping.  The resulting dish was very good.  It was not like a regular creme brulee in texture.  I do not know if this was from the use of sweet potatoes or the egg substitution.  However, it is a very tasting dish for a late night dessert.
Sweet Potato Brulee
Our wine of the day was the Oban Rose Champagne.  This is one we have one regular basis and is fantastic.

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