Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Back to winter

Fruit smoothie
For breakfast, I usually have a smoothie. I have been making a lot with spinach, oatmeal, or other super healthy stuff. But sometimes, you just want a simple fruit drink. This one was made with a frozen banana, strawberries  and soy milk.  Just some simple ingredients and a great taste.
I made a large salad and fresh dressing to accompany our meals for the next few days.  The dressing is made with white vinegar, avocado oil, olive oil, dijon mustard, red onion, garlic, salt and pepper.  The salad is butter lettuce with avocado, carrot, tomato and cucumber.  The recipe is from a Mexican cookbook, Pati's Mexican Table which uses simple, fresh ingredients for the recipes.

I had the salad with a burrito made with quinoa, spinach, sauteed veggies consisting of carrot, potato, cabbage and celery.  I topped it with homemade salsa created from a recipe with the same cookbook.  The
tortilla was made with sprouted grains including millet, quinoa, whole wheat, and sesame seeds. It was made by the Engine 2 company.  This one is better than the brown rice version I had tried earlier.  The taste is good, but it is not very bendable and tears when trying to fold into a burrito.
For dinner I combined brown rice, roasted kale, urad beans and a pineapple curry sauce.  The kale was roasted into kale chips with garlic seasonings.  Urad beans are Indian and look a little bit like barley.  The dried beans cook in about the same amount of time as the brown rice so they do not need to be made in advance.  I topped the dish off with a pre made sauce which was a mild curry. The flavors were strong, but not overwhelming.  I recommend it. We also had the green salad and added some sunflower seeds and almonds to it.
Curry sauce

I like trying new tastes, and I found this tea yesterday.  It is roasted dandelion root.  There is definitely a roasted taste to it and it is very earthy in flavor.

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