Friday, November 8, 2013

Grilling and Roasting

One nice thing about this time of year is that cooking helps warm the house.We haven't used the heat yet because the grill, oven and dishwasher are warming the house.  Trying to save on the utilities seems a lost cause.  We used a little less electricity and a lot less gas than this time last year, but our bill was $11 higher. The amount is not that much, but it is just the principle of the matter. Anyway, I grilled some eggplant and zucchini to go in the Miso Soup at lunch.  Tommy has been taken antibiotics for an infected tooth and I have been trying to make sure he gets some probiotics every day.  The soup used onion, spinach, carrot and sundried tomatoes with a barley miso.  I add the grilled veggies to mine and grilled a chicken thigh for Tommy to add to his soup.
Miso soup
More eggplant and zucchini at dinner.  I roasted a big batch in olive oil with garlic powder and turmeric.

I used this as a topping for the rice dish at dinner.  I sauteed, broccoli, tofu, tomato, cannelini beans and rice for a nice comfort food dinner. The rice has a purplish color because I added a quarter cup of black rice to the brown rice when I cooked up a big batch the other day.


Thomas Gill said...

Thanks for taking such good care of me, Lover!

Brokenweed said...

You are welcome.