Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Philly Finale

Independence Hall
This is the last post from the Thanksgiving trip.  It is just a week late.  I did not take a picture of my apple tart.  For the crust, I used phyllo sheets with Earth Balance brushed between the layers.  Of course, the loft did not have any type of food brush, so I had to use paper towels.  That resulted in a a little less buttery taste but it helped in the calorie department.  I made a syrup of vanilla bean, turbino sugar, apple peel and white wine.  This was used to coat the apples which were layered on the phyllo then baked. This was a nice light dessert.
Mashed Potatoes
One must have mashed potatoes over the Thanksgiving holiday.  These are Yukon Gold potatoes that were boiled and mashed with Earth Balance and Tofutiti sour cream.  Two bunches of green onions  and garlic were mixed in.  Seriously addictive.

Honey Pecan Tart

The big dessert was the pecan tart.  The pecans were cooked with honey, almond milk and silken tofu and mounded in a tart shell.  An empty wine bottle makes a good rolling pin for the crust.  A top layer of crust was placed over the tart.  Then I poured a chocolate 'granche' made with dark chocolate, Earth Balance, almond milk and silken tofu.  The remaining pecans were mounded on top.
Tart slice

We brought lots of leftovers home and I had to be very creative to find ways to store them from the trip.  Any container that could be used was saved.  Everything made it home safe.  This was a great trip and we are looking forward to many more Thanksgiving trips.

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