Sunday, May 11, 2014

Addicted to Results 5/9 and 5/10

Starting the day with oatmeal. These are the round whole oats. I soak them overnight so that they cook quick in the morning.  I added dates, pecans and apple butter.
Green pea hummus on a piece of whole wheat bread for a  snack.
Lunch was a mix of leftover stuff.  Some garlic lemon asparagus, tofu stir fry and tomato corn mix.
A blurry picture of dinner.  I was going crazy trying to figure out why the camera would not focus.  I learned the next day that junk was on the camera lens.  I cleaned it off and the later pics are better.  This is brown rice with sauteed spinach, onion, cherry tomatoes and carrots.  I toasted some pine nuts then added a pesto I made with  basil, parsley and cilantro.  There is some nutritional yeast on the top.

More oatmeal for breakfast.  These are regular oats with raisins, pecans, carob and apple butter.

We had a late lunch at my favorite place, The Great Sage. We sat out side under an umbrella during a rain storm.  Very nice an peaceful. I started with a cocktail called autumn harvest made with vodka, grapefruit juice and grenadine.

We split a appetizer plate of hummus, tapenade, and tabbouleh.
The main course was a Thai noodles with peanut sauce  and sweet potatoes and cabbage,
Dessert was cherry cobbler.

Because lunch was late, we really did not have dinner.  We had some Champagne with a cupcake.  The chocolate frosting was a sugar bomb. The cupcakes were from the Roots grocery in Clarksville, MD
Before bed, I had some olive bread with the last of the tomatilla avocado salsa.

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