Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Eating healthy

Immersion blender

Tommy is in Maine this week and I making this a uber healthy eating week.  Since I made large batches of a lot of foodstuffs, some of my meals get repetitive.  I had the quinoa, veggie, avocado burrito and salad with seeds and nuts again for lunch.  I also had the Carrot Ginger Soup again at dinner.  The photo above is of an immersion blender.  That is the best tool in the kitchen for making creamy soups.  Instead transferring the soup from pot to blender to storage container, you just immerse it in the pot and everything is blended into a creamy soup.  This is the second one I have owned, I wore the motor out on the first one I had.  This one has a more powerful motor. I also blend yogurt and frozen fruit with it to make a soft serve ice cream like dessert.
Fruit smoothie

Breakfast was a smoothie made in the regular blender.  This is a fruit version made with a peach, pear, banana, almond milk, chocolate protein powder, chia seeds, and the last of my Mango Ginger Jam.

To accompany the soup at dinner I made a salad with tempeh. This is a great bacon substitute.  It has the same seasonings and is sliced in strips like bacon.  It can be microwaved or broiled to the desired crispness.  The salad included spring mix, the mixed veggies, and the dill dressing.
During the morning I had a energy bar for a snack.  This one was nut based and was surprisingly good.  The chocolate one from this brand was really bad.

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