Sunday, June 9, 2013

Addicted to Results 6/7 and 6/8

Workout - 1 hour Personal Training
XPF cardio

Breakfast - Mango, Apple, Lime Juice

Lunch - Noodle Casserole
slice of Italian bread with vegan cheese

Snack - Granola
Roasted veggies fresh from the oven

Dinner -  Roasted veggies - Cleaning out the fridge before vacation.  I roasted, broccoli, chickpeas, asparagus, snap peas, bell pepper, cherry tomatoes,onion, garlic, and black olives in a sauce made from BBQ sauce, tahini sauce and lemon juice.  I added some whole wheat bread crumbs and vegan cheese at the end.
Split a bottle of Gigondas

Workout - Weekend Warrior Workout
30 minutes incline treadmill
air yoga

Breakfast - Apple oatmeal with almonds

Lunch - Roasted veggies

Snack - glass of white wine

Dinner - at an Anniversary Party
Vegan Sandwich from Atwater's that included cauliflower and cucumber
Potato chips
Sparkling wine

This was the end of the 2 month challenge at the gym.  I ended up at 162 pounds which is my lowest weight in a long time.    I have definitely increased my strength and aerobic capacity.  My blog will revert from being a food and workout log to the more conversational one that I was doing since the beginning of the year

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