Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Thrive Forward

Wild Rice Yam Pancakes

So today is the first day eating on the new plan.  The food is very seed and nut oriented and it will be interesting to see how I hold up with this.  Breakfast was Wild Rice Yam Pancakes.  My nonstick griddle decided to stick today, so the pancakes did not look that good.  They were made with quinoa, sweet potato, spelt flour, wild rice, flaxseed, sesame seed, baking powder and pepper.  From a taste perspective, they could use some salt.  From a texture perspective, they were very pleasing.  I made 2 pancakes for breakfast, then took the rest of the batter and made muffins instead.  The pancakes were really thick and did not cook in the middle.  We will see how the muffins do at a later date.
Cucumber Pesto Salad

Lunch was a Cucumber Pesto Salad with Tomato Basil Dressing.  The salad was simple, mixed greens, cucumber, garlic, nutritional yeast and sesame seed topping, and pine nuts,  The dressing was the tastiest thing I ate today.  It was a blend of tomato, apple cider vinegar, EFA Oil blend, basil and agave nectar.  The salad was not filling.  It was difficult waiting 3 hours till snack time.
Tomato Basil Dressing

I had a Ginger Pear Smoothie for my afternoon snack.  This was a blend of silken tofu, pear, ginger, honey, banana, hemp protein and flaxseed.
Ginger Pear Smoothie

Dinner was an Almond Flaxseed Burger over mixed greens with a Red Pepper Pesto and an apple on the side.  The burger was made with almonds, flaxseeds, garlic, balsamic vinegar, EFA oil blend, and salt.  Lots of flaxseeds in these recipes. The burgers were baked with coconut oil in the oven.  The pesto was a blend of garlic, red bell peppers, basil, yeast and sesame seed topping, hemp seeds, hemp oil, and salt.  It was a good pesto, but would have been better in the peppers were roasted.

Pepper Hemp Pesto
My evening snack was Zucchini Chips. These were thinly sliced zucchini with salt, oregano and basil as  a topping and slow baked with coconut oil.  These were great.  I would not be able to eat 2 whole raw zucchini, but once they were dehydrated, the chips were tasty and crunchy.

Zucchini Chips

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