Saturday, January 10, 2015

Haircut Day

Fries with ketchup

My eating schedule was a little off today because I had a noon appointment to finally get my roots colored. Breakfast started out with some Garlic Sweet Potato Fries.  The potatoes were roasted in the oven and coated with pumpkin seeds, basil, oregano, salt and coconut oil.  For serving I created a home made ketchup.
Garlic Sweet Potato Fries

The ketchup was made with tomato, sundried tomato, dates, onion, agave nectar, EFA oil, apple cider vinegar, oregano and salt. The various dressings are starting to look the same in the pictures.

The grabbed a Chocolate Blueberry Energy Bar to eat on the way to my appointment.  These bars were made with soaked dates, almonds, blueberries, cocoa powder, flaxseed, hemp protein, sesame seeds, lemon juice and zest, salt, and buckwheat.  They were meant to be eaten raw, but I baked them on low heat for 30 minutes.  I am not quite ready for a raw diet.  They resembled a very healthy brownie.
Chocolate Blueberry Bars

For a late lunch I had a Adzuki Bean Hemp Seed Salad with Cayenne Dill Tahini Dressing.  The salad was the same as the one a few days ago with buckwheat.  I just substituted the beans.
Adzuki Hemp Seed Salad

Dinner was a Sunflower Seed Beet Pizza.  The crust was made with sunflower seeds, beets, EFA oil, parsley and salt.  Because the other crusts did not crisp up, I cooked this one longer. Of course, part of it burned.  Different ingredients mean different cooking times.  I will get this down one day.  The sauce was the Tomato Basil Dressing.  The toppings were tomato, onion, celery, basil, carrot and green onions,
Sunflower Seed Beet Pizza

I was snacking throughout the day on the Vegetable Crackers,  Some were plain and some I spread with peanut butter.
Vegetable Cracker with Peanut Butter

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